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The Castle Museum in Gołuchów

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A county village located in Pleszew District (powiat), 15 km north-east of Kalisz.

The museum at the Gołuchów castle is a branch of Poznań’s National Museum. In the latter half of 19th century, on initiative of Izabela Działyńska, nee Czartoryska, the castle was rebuilt into a French-renaissance edifice. Along with the Czartoryski family’s collections, featuring valuable Greek vases, the interior offers a variety of architectonic, carpentry and decorative elements imported by Izabela from France, Italy, Germany and Flanders or manufactured by local artisans after the original models.
While in Gołuchów, you are recommended to pay a visit to the local Forestry Museum, a European-bison pen, the park, and to come up and see St. Hedwig’s boulder – Wielkopolska’s largest such specimen.

Zamek w Gołuchowie [The Castle in Gołuchów]
63-322 Gołuchów
Tel. +48 62 761 50 94

For more, read at the Museum’s official website.

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