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Lake Gosławskie has a water temperature of 5-11°C as a result of being part of the cooling system of the Konin power plant. This makes it possible for warm water species of fish (e.g. silver carp, grass carp and black carp), which would otherwise not be found here, to breed.


Nature of Wielkopolska


Nature attractions

By the power of law this park protects the whole valley along with it?s tributaries and all surrounding area. The peculiarity of that territory is naturally linked to the collections of ponds which have their origin in the XIII-th century.

Part of the Gopło Landscape Park lies on the boundaries of Inowrocław and Mogilno counties in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship at the eastern edge of what was historically Wielkpolska.

It?s located approximately 20 kilometres on the north-east of Poznań and established in 1993 on the area of 20, 8 square kilometres.