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There were around 2,700 windmills in Wielkopolska in 1861. Today, there are just on 100. To see them, just take a stroll along the Windmill Trail in Leszno County.


Architecture of Wielkopolska



Architectural attractions

The church was built in 15th century. In the following century, appended to its nave at the west was a tower with a porch on the basement; at the north, a late-gothic chapel was added.

Discalced Trinitarians were brought in to Krotoszyn in 1731 by Józef Potocki, the Voivod of Kiev, the then-owner of the town. 1733 saw erection of a cloister building; in 1766–1772, a brick temple was constructed on the site of a previously demolished wooden church.

Built in 1727, owing to the efforts of Wojciech Rydzyński, Castellan of Lądek and the village’s proprietor; restored several times afterwards, including in 1930, in 1950s and from 1990 onwards.