Steam engines of Wolsztyn…

Steam engines of Wolsztyn…


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Herb Steam engines of Wolsztyn…

Currently, Wolsztyn is mostly associated with the only operational steam engine house in Europe. Many attractions can be also found in its surroundings. For example, the Firemanship Museum in Rakoniewice or the Post-Cistercian complex in Obra.

Route: Rakoniewice - Obra - Wolsztyn

Route length: c. 30 km

The trip starts in Rakoniewice. We absolutely need to stop at the Greater Poland Firemanship Museum. The youngest tourists will be most interested in the fire engine exhibition, but it is also worth to inquire about the educational room which in a very realistic way illustrates what rooms destroyed by fire look like. Let"s stay for a little longer on the Rakoniewice market square, surrounded by some charming, historic arcaded cottages and an original fountain with bronze firemen.

Next, going through Wolsztyn, we arrive at the Oblates Monastery in Obra. If we want to explore the church with its vault and the missionary museum, we will need to ask for the assistance of the clerical student on duty in the monastery"s gate. At the end of the trip, we go back to Wolsztyn. There will be lots to see. We can choose from three branches of the Regional Museum (Marcin Rożek Museum, Robert Koch Museum and the Ethnographic Museum of Folk Buildings), there is also the Steam Engine House, and an attractive lakeside promenade.

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