Szeligowski Tadeusz (1896-1963)

Szeligowski Tadeusz (1896-1963)

Herb Szeligowski Tadeusz (1896-1963)


A lawyer and composer. Born in 1896 in Lviv where he also started a musical studies and then continued them in Cracow,  at the same time studying law (he eventually got a  doctorate at Jagiellonian University). 

From 1923 he was running his own law firm in Vilnius although in 1929 he went to Paris to study a composition. After his return worked as an organist, lecturer and composer in both Poznań and Vilnius.  When the Second World War ended he lived first in Lublin, then, in 1947, he moved to Poznań and became a director The State Higher School Of Music (he also lectured there and in Warsaw) and Poznań Philharmonic. 

He was the initiator of the festival of contemporary music, called the "Poznań Musical Spring".

Creator of operas like „Students Rebellion” (1951), „Krakatuk” (1955), ballets „The peacock and the girl” (1948), „Mazepa” (1957), oratorio „Crying Odesseus” (1973), many instrumental pieces Or for the instruments solo, for example suite „Kaziuki” (1927), „Epitaph on the death of Karol Szymanowski”  for string orchestra (1937), songs and pieces for a choir. Died in 1963 in Poznań where he was buried at the cement ary of Górczyn. In 1965 his ashes were moved into The Crypt of  Deserved People in Poznań’s Church of Saint Adalbert of Prague. 

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