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Lake Jeziorsko is Poland's largest reservoir in terms of surface area. It was built on the Warta River, north-east of Turek, and covers 1760-4230 ha.

Best of Wielkopolska

People who imagine Wielkopolska as a region of flat, monotonous landscapes could not be more wrong.

Strzelno, a small town along the Piast Trail, can lay claim to some unusual Romanesque heritage. Two Romanesque churches stand cheek by jowl on St. Wojciech Hill, the only such pairing in Poland.

Special and out-of-the-ordinary does not have to mean old and memorable. Poznań's Stary Browar (Old Brewery) is living proof of this.

Superlatives crop up repeatedly when relating the story of this island on the confluence of the Warta and Cybina rivers.

You do not come across monuments like the one on the road from Miały to Biała every day.

It is said that the three most beautiful things in the world are a dancing woman, a galloping horse and a full-steam locomotive.

The library in the Poznań Bishops' Palace in Ciążeń numbers some 80,000 volumes. This would not be so extraordinary were it not that they are the largest collections of Masonic literature in Europe.

The story of Poland's largest church begins in the 19th century. One Tomasz Kłossowski fought in the Napoleonic Wars. When he was wounded at the Battle of Leipzig in 1813, he begged the Virgin Mary not to let him die so far from home.

Outsiders most often think of Poznań as the city of trade fairs. Nor is anybody surprised to see hordes of visitors arriving for the latest exbibition at the Poznań International Fair.

Sulmierzyce is in the south of Wielkopolska, not far from Krotoszyn. Having the last wooden town hall in Poland means that it can be found in just about every guidebook in the country.

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