Did you know that...

The Poznań Palm House is the largest facility of its type in Poland and the fifth largest in Europe.

Best of Wielkopolska

The somewhat overlooked sanctuary in Górka Klasztorna, near Łobżenica, prides itself on having the longest pedigree in the history of Polish revelations.

A ninepin-shaped stone figure stands outside St. Bartholomew's church in Konin.

Scholars conducting research during renovation works on a supposedly 17th-century wooden church in Tarnowo Pałuckie made a sensational discovery.

Superlatives likewise pepper any conversation concerning the Poznań Town Hall.

Wągrowiec is a city known to hydrologists everywhere on account of an unusual phenomenon witnessed here.

(Lake Śrem), near Chalin, stands out from the rest of the Międzychów-Sieraków Lakeland. It could even perversely be said to be a strange lake.

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