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Old yet new

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Special and out-of-the-ordinary does not have to mean old and memorable. Poznań’s Stary Browar (Old Brewery) is living proof of this. This represents an uncommon fusion of old architecture and modern design where history blends harmoniously and seamlessly with the present day. Elements of the brewery’s 19th-century architecture are a constituent part of the modern interior. Their original functions are only betrayed by some of the laneway names, e.g. Kotłownia (boiler room), Słodownia (malt house) and Willa (villa). This contemporary complex, which goes by the name “Stary Browar Shopping Arts and Business Centre”, quickly became a Poznań landmark and has been awarded no end of prizes. In 2005, it was awarded Best Shopping Center in the World in the medium commercial buildings category and “Best of the Best” among Central and Eastern European commercial buildings.

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