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The extraordinary library

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The library in the Poznań Bishops’ Palace in Ciążeń numbers some 80,000 volumes. This would not be so extraordinary were it not that they are the largest collections of Masonic literature in Europe. The collections originally came from Silesian and Pomeranian libraries and were discovered in Sława, near Wschowa, after hostilities ceased in 1945. Thay and were then transferred to the Adam Mickiewicz University Library in Poznań. The collections found their way to Ciążeń in the 1970s. They comprise roughly 40% of all collections of Freemasonry literature from before 1933. The oldest part of the collection is made up of 17th-century writings. The next oldest has thousands of timeless pieces from the 18th century and the remaining, largest, part contains 19th century writings.

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