Church of Nativity of Our Lady in Śrem

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A county town situated at the bend of the Warta river, in the Śrem Dale, ca. 45 km south of Poznań.

The baroque church of Nativity of Our Lady is a three-nave hall-type building. Its presbytery is covered by a barrel vault equipped with lunettes; the central nave, by sail vault; the side naves, in turn, by barrel vaults. The interior’s baroque and rococo furnishings date back to the eighteenth century.

The storied building of a former Franciscans’ convent, with an unplastered façade, is adjacent to the church at the south. Its three wings surround a square garth. The yard in front of the church and convent is surrounded by a wall with two gates of historic interest.
At present, the church functions as a succursal temple. The former convent building houses today a seat of ‘M. Zieliński’ Music Society.

ul. Poznańska 11
63-100 Śrem



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