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Church of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven in Ostrzeszów

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Ostrzeszów is a county town situated ca. 160 km south-east of Poznań, by the road to Katowice.

This late-gothic parish church, founded by King Casimir the Great in mid-14th century, was initially composed of presbytery and a sacristry; a nave was added in 1360.

After the destruction by a fire of the late 15th century and by the Swedish invasion in mid-17th c., the church was rebuilt in 1721–1723. Gothic-style stained-glass windows were fixed in 1939.

The church’s altars are baroque in style – the main one containing a copy of The Assumption of Our Lady by the famous Spanish painter Murillo. The chancel arch features limewood sculptures, probably made by Albrecht Dürer.

ul. Farna 7
63-500 Ostrzeszów
Tel. +48 62 730 32 34

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