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Church of St. Leonard and the Assumption of Our Lady in Słupca

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Słupca is a county town located on the Wrzesińska (Września) Plain, 70 km east of Poznań.

The venue’s first wooden temple was mentioned in 14th century as a hospital church. The present-day edifice dates back to 16th c. This orientated church has a log construction and is covered with shingle roof. Two chapels were appended to the main nave ca. 1730; a quadrilateral tower was added in 1765.

The ceiling and the side walls are covered by eighteenth-century polychromes, which were thoroughly renovated a few years ago. The main 17th-century altar depicts the Assumption of Our Lady, along with sculptures of St. Leonard and St. John the Baptist. The northern chapel comprises a 15th-century painting of St. Leonard; the southern chapel houses a graces-bestowing crucifix from the same period.

According to a local legend, in 1863, a Russian soldier led a handcuffed insurgent down a road. As they were passing by the little church, the prisoner asked if he could pray there for a moment. Standing before the crucifix, he suddenly felt that the shackles binding him had been released; also his guard soldier had disappeared, as he found it while outside.
As a warning to the believers, a vision of ‘The condemned inside Satan’s jaws’ has been placed underneath the choir loft; the St. Leonard’s altar’s mensa contains, in turn, a bas-relief of purgatorial souls. A wooden gravestone of the Rev. Jakub Basiński of 1788 is yet another curiosity.

ul. Sienkiewicza 11
62-400 Słupca
Tel. +48 63 275 19 71

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