Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross in Wełna

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Wełna is a village in Rogoźno commune (gmina) (district [powiat] of Oborniki), on the Wełna river, ca. 6 km south-west of Rogoźno.

Built in 1727, owing to the efforts of Wojciech Rydzyński, Castellan of Lądek and the village’s proprietor; restored several times afterwards, including in 1930, in 1950s and from 1990 onwards.

Horst-and-graben structured, the edifice is clad with a boarding. It is a mononave building with a narrowed trilaterally enclosed presbytery. At the nave’s sides are two chapels, forming a kind of transept. There are two sacristries next to the presbytery. At the west is a tower, of a column structure, equal in height to the nave. Around the nave’s external walls, set are lower one-storied arcades, vertical-post log in construction, embracing from the east the tower with a porch at the basement. The roofs are shingle-covered. The nave’s crest features a timber ave-bell turret with a lantern and sheet-metal-covered cupola. Inside, truncated angles of the nave/transept intersection make up an irregular-octagonal space covered by a coved ceiling. The nave’s northern section features a music gallery, linked to balconies set along the nave’s northern and eastern wall. The ceilings, coves and walls are all covered by a polychrome painted by Adam Swach, mainly showing scenes of the legend and cult of the Holy Cross.

The temple’s uniform-style baroque furnishings date back to the time it was constructed. The main altar and two side altars of 1729–1731, carved in timber boards, are covered with illusionist polychrome. The main altar features a Crucifixion group set in an arcade clearance. The stalls are installed in the presbytery and under the music loft, featuring painted backs and balustrades.
On 11th September 1780, the church was the scene of the wedding ceremony of Józef Wybicki, author of Mazurek Dąbrowskiego – later to become the Polish national anthem – and his second wife Estera Wierusz Kowalska.

Not far from the church are the ‘Promenada’ and ‘Wełna’ Natural Reserves.

Wełna Parafia [The Parish of Wełna]
64 - 608 Parkowo
Tel. +48 67 261 05 28

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