Saint Mary Magdalene Church in Długa Goślina

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The village in the Poznań district is located some 30 km to the north-east of Poznań.

The parish in Długa Goślina was established in 1325 and from the very beginning its patron has been Saint Mary Magdalene. Today's church was built in c. 1600. At the beginning of the 18th century a tower crowned with a Baroque cupola was added. It is an oriented building, of a log construction, with panelling. The nave and the narrower chancel with a simple end are covered by a shingled gable roof.

On the main altar there is a 19th century painting depicting Saint Mary Magdalene who after the Resurrection of Jesus became a hermit to perform penance for the sins of youth. The painting was founded by the local lady as a votive offering made after Poland regained independence. On its sides one can see kneeling angels, which purchase according to the legend, was a condition in a settlement reached by two farmers in a conflict about a baulk.

The side altars consist of 17th and 18th century elements.
The altar on the left side is dedicated to Saint Anthony. On the altar's predella there is a small painting depicting the hermit life of Saint Benedict and monk Romanus who supplied him with food on a rope. On the sides of the painting of Saint Anthony (19th/20th centuries) one can see sculpted figures of Saint Benedict (left) and Saint Casimir (right).

A 17th century Vir dolorum sculpture of Christ was placed on the altar on the right side . It constitutes a depiction of martyred Christ, with a crown of thorns and pierced side, but still alive, without the symbols of resurrection. The presence of this sculpture in the Goślina church is probably connected with the Poznań Benedictine nuns, who bought Długa Goślina in 1621. This place was for them a safe haven amidst the numerous epidemics hitting Poznań.

On the rood beam a 16th century crucifix was placed.
The building is located on the Trail of Wooden Churches leading around the Zielonka Forest.

Długa Goślina 
62-095 Murowana Goślina
Tel. +48 61 892 12 01

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