St. Florian’s Church in Pleszew

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Pleszew is a county town situated ca. 28 km north-west of Kalisz, by the road to Poznań.

Built in the late 15th century as a brick cemetery chapel, the church was redeveloped by adding in 1745 a wooden nave founded by Ludwik Pełka, the Canon of Chocz. The porches were added in the late 19th century. The church has been through multiple redevelopment projects, the most recent one taking place in 1988 to 1990.

The building is of a log construction, its presbytery and sacristry (remaining from a cemetery chapel of yore) being built of bricks. Adjacent to the main nave, founded on a square enclosed triangularly at the west, is a broad quadrilateral presbytery with the sacristry. Along both sides of the nave and at the west, quadrilateral porches are laid out. The roofs are shingles-covered, with roof tiles above the sacristry and an ave-bell turret fixed above the nave. The presbytery is covered by a false barrel vault; the sacristry has a pseudo-caisson ceiling and the sacristry, a brick cross vault.

The main altar and the side altars are baroque-styled, made in mid-18th century. The presbytery’s outer-wall blend contains a Pieta sculpture from 16th c.

ul.Kopernika 4
63-300 Pleszew
Tel. +48 62 742 15 14

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