The smallest town in Poland

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Stawiszyn, in Kalisz County, is the smallest town in Poland, in terms of area. It barely takes up 1 sq. km.

The largest Palm House in Poland

The Poznań Palm House is the largest facility of its type in Poland and the fifth largest in Europe.

The scenic outlook in Łężeczki

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The scenic outlook in Łężeczki, near Sieraków was the world's first monument to be unveiled in the third millennium.

Mysia Wieża (Mouse Tower) in Kruszwica

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According to Hindu philosophy, there are seven major chakras in the world of stones which radiate positive energy to improve our state of mind and alleviate pain. One of them is probably in the Mysia Wieża (Mouse Tower) in Kruszwica.

Guinness World Records in 2007

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The Kłodawa salt mine entered Guinness World Records in 2007. The Kalisz Philharmonic Orchestra played at a depth of 600 m (the deepest in the world) underground. Violinist Dimitry Vasiliev was the star of the concert.

The mayor underground oil and fuel depot

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Poland's major underground oil and fuel depot is in the vicinity of Inowrocław. The tight chambers left over once the salt has been rinsed are filled with a secondary brine in which "swimming" cushions of oleic compounds are immersed.

A boulevard of distinguished horses

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Golejewko near Pakosław, has a boulevard of distinguished horses.

The witchcraft

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The last women in Poland to be burnt at the stake for witchcraft were burnt in Doruchów, near Ostrzeszów in 1775.

Palace in Dobrzyca

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Augustyn Gorzeński built a palace in Dobrzyca so that the members of the Masonic Lodge to which he belonged would have a convenient place to meet. The palace plan has the shape of a square, one of the most important symbols of Freemasonry.

Monument in Czołowo

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In the small village of Czołowo, on the Kórnik-Rogalin road, stands a massive monument to the revolutionary Marcin Kasprzak. The monument was moved here from Kasprzak Park in Poznań (since renamed Wilson Park) to save it from destruction after the change of regime in Poland.