The narrowest gauge railway in Poland

section: Tourism

Poland's narrowest gauge railway line (240 mm) runs through Cichowo. The train is so small that the driver has to sit astride a special platform behind the engine.

The longest cable railway in Poland

section: Tourism

Poland's longest cable railway runs for 7 km near Bielawa, transporting mine material to the soda works in Janikowo.

Queen of France from Wielkopolska

section: History

Maria Leszczyńska, Queen of France and wife of Louis XV, came from Wielkopolska.

The earliest mention of artillery deployment in Poland

section: History

The earliest mention of artillery deployment in Poland is to be found in the Chronicle of Jan of Czarnków in 1383. A cannonball is reported as having broken down the doors of Pyzdry Castle during a civil war.

The oldest city in Poland

section: History

Kalisz is the oldest city in Poland. Claudius Ptolemaeus (Ptolemy) mentions "Calisia" in the 2nd century AD.

Polish kings crowned in Gniezno

section: History

Polish kings were crowned in Gniezno Cathedral for nearly 300 years. The coronations of Bolesław I (Boleslaus the Brave), Mieszko II Lambert, Bolesław II (Boleslaus the Bold), Przemysł II and Wenceslaus II of Bohemia were all held here.

The windmills in Wielkopolska

section: Architecture

There were around 2,700 windmills in Wielkopolska in 1861. Today, there are just on 100. To see them, just take a stroll along the Windmill Trail in Leszno County.

The oldest wooden temple in Poland

section: Architecture

St. Nicholas Church in Tarnowo Pałuckie, erected in the latter half of the 14th century, is the oldest wooden temple in Poland.

The wooden Town Hall

section: Architecture

Sulmierzyce boasts Poland's only wooden Town Hall.

The wooden church in Słopanowo

section: Folk culture

The wooden church in Słopanowo, near Szamotuły, revels in its many and wondrous colours. This is where the devil abducted the innkeeper's wife. The words "because she never poured" (the beer to the top of the glass) were written in wine on the hide of an ox.