The St. Jadwiga Stone in Gołuchów

The St. Jadwiga Stone in Gołuchów, with a circumference of 22 m, is the largest glacial erratic in Wielkopolska.

The first Sejm sitting outside of Warsaw

section: Events

The Sejm held a special sitting in the Lecture Theatre of the Museum of the Origins of the Polish State on 29 April 2000 to mark the millennial anniversary of the Congress of Gniezno. This was the first sitting outside Warsaw in the history of the Third Republic.

The works of Veit Stoss

section: Tourism

We do not need to go to Cracow to view the works of Veit Stoss. The marble tombstone he sculpted for Abp. Zbigniew Oleśnicki is in Gniezno.

Soup of coffee beans

section: Events

When Napoleon's troops stopped to rest in Gąsawa, they asked their hostess to brew them some coffee. The landlady, who had never seen coffee beans before, made them soup thinking it was a new kind of bean.

Circus wagon of Michał Drzymała

section: Events

Between 1905 and 1909, a Polish peasant named Michał Drzymała took on the Prussian authorities. When he was denied permission to build a house, he lived in a circus wagon, which he moved every day. The village was renamed Drzymałowo after independence.

The thickest plane tree in Wielkopolska

The plane tree that grow in the landscape garden in Dobrzyca is the thickest in Wielkopolska measuring 960 cm around the trunk.

Robin Hood oaks

section: Nature

The young oaks at the Natural Education Centre in Chalin, near Sieraków, were cultivated from the Robin Hood oak in Sherwood Forest in England.

Bamberki's clothes

section: Folk culture

"Bamberki Wielkopolska"( women of Bamberg descent) took pride in their extraordinarily wide double and triple lined skirts sewn from five widths of material. They were too wide for their owners to fit on tram seats!

Royal fern around Baszków

section: Nature

Wielkopolska's largest area of protected royal fern can be found around Baszków. With fronds growing to 2m, this is the largest species of fern in Poland.