Flowers carpet in Spycimierz

section: Folk culture

Spycimierz has cultivated a peculiar floral tradition during its Corpus Christi procession. The entire route of the procession is lined with a carpet of flowers arranged in special patterns.

The wooden church in Słopanowo

section: Folk culture

The wooden church in Słopanowo, near Szamotuły, revels in its many and wondrous colours. This is where the devil abducted the innkeeper's wife. The words "because she never poured" (the beer to the top of the glass) were written in wine on the hide of an ox.

Bamberki's clothes

section: Folk culture

"Bamberki Wielkopolska"( women of Bamberg descent) took pride in their extraordinarily wide double and triple lined skirts sewn from five widths of material. They were too wide for their owners to fit on tram seats!