Only one women was murdered in Katyń

There was one woman among the Polish officers murdered at Katyń. She was the daughter of Gen. Dowbór-Muśnicki, who commanded the Greater Poland Uprising.

Jakub Wujek from Wągrowiec

Fr. Jakub Wujek, who produced the first Polish translation of the bible, came from Wągrowiec in Wielkopolska. He was also the first rector of the Poznań Jesuit College.

Krzysztof Arciszewski from Rogalinek

Krzysztof Arciszewski, who wrote some fascinating memoirs, was born in Rogalinek. He learned and described the customs of the Tapuja tribe, whose funeral ceremonies involved eating their deceased relatives, while serving in the Spanish army. Arciszewski's notes are the only extant records of the existence of this tribe.

One of the peaks in Australia was named by Paweł Edmund Strzelecki

Mount Adina, one of the peaks of Australia's Blue Mountains, was named by Paweł Strzelecki in honour of his beloved Aleksandryna Turno, who came from Objezierze in Wielkopolska.

A living museum of post glacial formations

section: Nature

The Wielkopolska National Park is a living museum of post glacial formations. Virtually all the forms left behind by glaciers in our country can be observed in this small area.

The symbol of Śmigiel

section: Architecture

The windmill is the indisputable symbol of Śmigiel. According to an old legend, no more than 100 windmills could be built in the city because of a past curse. Once the hundredth was put up, an earlier one would burn down.

Flowers carpet in Spycimierz

section: Folk culture

Spycimierz has cultivated a peculiar floral tradition during its Corpus Christi procession. The entire route of the procession is lined with a carpet of flowers arranged in special patterns.

The Polish Reformed (Calvinist) Church in Żychlin

section: History

The Polish Reformed (Calvinist) Church in Żychlin has been ministering to its parish since the Reformation - longer than any other such church in Poland.

Mysterious pictograms in Wylatowo

section: Nature

Every year, mysterious pictograms, attributed to beings from an extraterrestrial civilisation, appear in a Wylatowo field. These are accompanied by magnetic anomalies like batteries and accumulators being discharged and electrical equipment malfunctioning.

This is the only pleace in Europe

section: Tourism

Wolsztyn has Europe's last working roundhouse. This is the only place in Europe where steam trains still make regular daily trips.

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