Did you know that...

The wooden church in Słopanowo, near Szamotuły, revels in its many and wondrous colours. This is where the devil abducted the innkeeper's wife. The words "because she never poured" (the beer to the top of the glass) were written in wine on the hide of an ox.

Folk culture attractions

Ethnographic Open-Air Museum and the Museum of Maria Dąbrowska in Russów A town in the Kalisz District, located approx. 10 km to the north of Kalisz. Ethnographic Open-Air Museum in Russów is a branch of the Regional Museum of the Kalisz Land.

The Folk Culture Museum in Osiek is a regional institution - formally, a branch of the District Museum of Piła. It collects specimens of folk architecture from the areas of Krajna, Pałuki, north of Wielkopolska and the Notecka Primeval Forest.

The site’s 3.3ha area contains dozen-or-so structures, mainly wooden ones. The Heritage Park comprises examples of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century folk culture. The area penetrated by it is a Lubusz/Wielkopolska borderland.