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The wooden church in Słopanowo, near Szamotuły, revels in its many and wondrous colours. This is where the devil abducted the innkeeper's wife. The words "because she never poured" (the beer to the top of the glass) were written in wine on the hide of an ox.


This dish comes in richer variants and the meat additions can likewise be more full-bodied and diverse.

This is a quick and filling dish that can be prepared in a single pot. Parzybroda is served with bread. A lenten version (i.e. without meat) is often served on Fridays.

This is far and away Poznań's most famous dish. This is mostly served on Fridays as a simple, tasty meatless dish. It was originally intended for the have-nots of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland). Today it is considered a delicacy and a way of keeping family traditions alive.

Saint Martin's croissants / beigles are an export In the product In the category of sweets in Poznań.

These are the Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) variety of kopytka (potato dumplings). The name comes from the way the dumplings are diagonally cut, i.e. taking shortcuts or "szaga". They are served with stewed meet and thickened sauce.

Szary kluchy is the favourite dish of Poznań and Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) natives. These raw potato dumplings have earned Poznań people the nickname "pyry" (spuds). They are served with pork or smoked bacon scratchings and cooked sauerkraut.

Ślepe Ryby is a simple potato soup meant to grace the tables of Poznań's not so well to do. This explains the variations in meat ingredients or, at a pinch, lack of them. The taste and tradition of the dish, however, along with its intriguing name, suffice to ensure that it loses none of its appealing qualities.