Did you know that...

"Bamberki Wielkopolska"( women of Bamberg descent) took pride in their extraordinarily wide double and triple lined skirts sewn from five widths of material. They were too wide for their owners to fit on tram seats!


Carnival, the period preceding Lent - from the Feast of the Epiphany to Shrove Tuesday - is known as "ostatki" or "zapusty" in Wielkopolska, and Shrovetide, the final three days before Ash Wednesday, are known as "zapust" or "mięsopust".

The last Thursday before Lent kicks off the period of festivities that brings Carnival to a close.

Two customs which still survive among school children are taking an effigy of Marzanna out of the village at the end of winter...

Bouquets of palm branches with verdigris or blueberry trimmings are blessed in church on the last Sunday of Lent.

Podkoziołek is the name given to Shrove Tuesday festivities.