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Przemysl Hill

Herb Przemysl Hill

In the very centre of the city, a few steps away from the busy and bustling Old Market Square, a quiet place is located, relatively rarely visited by tourists. The visitors from outside the region may be surprised that in the heart of the city associated with a "flat" Wielkopolska region appears unexpectedly a hill, known as the Castle Mountain or the Hill of Przemysł. Its formation is explained in Poznan by the legend that dates back to the times of Mieszko I.

The hill was a natural barrier used in the defence system of the city. To this day, along the Ludgardy Street, one may admire the remains of the double medieval city walls. While walking here, it is worth to visit the vault of the Franciscan Church, where the Model of the Old Poznań is located, and then to go further along the Paderwskiego Street next to the building of the Poznań Market , then go to the Wolności Square, to the place where the Greater Poland Uprising began.

On the Hill Przemysł the attention is drawn to two buildings: the Franciscan Church of St. Anthony of Padua and the Royal Castle, which now houses the Museum of Applied Arts.

The place is pervaded with history. It is the place where the majestic seal for the coronation of King Przemysł II (king since 1295) was made, containing the oldest image of the emblem of Poland. It is the place where the wedding of Casimir the Great and Adelajda Heska took place in 1341. It is the place where the King Władysław Jagiełło stayed during his frequent visits to the Corpus Christi Church. Finally, it is the place of the Prussian Homage paid to the Polish King John Olbracht by the Master of the Teutonic Knights Hans von Tiefen in 1493. The daughter of the King Sigismund I the Old and Barbara Zapolya was born in the castle in Poznań.

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