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Radoliński Palace in Jarocin

Herb Radoliński Palace in Jarocin


Jarocin is about 70 km south-east of Poznań on the way to Kalisz.

Emeryk Władysław Radoliński took on the task of building the new residence to a 1847 design by renowned architect Friedrich August Stüler. Karol Wirtemberg, a builder from Krotoszyn, completed the work.

The building is a fairly compact brick and plaster structure with a two-storey body on a rectangular plan, a significantly raised central part which dominates the whole, and protruding projections on the front and rear elevations. The entirety is crowned with a crenellation whose battlements have extra lanceolate panels. The corners of every part of the building are accentuated by turrets that overhang in the central body of the building and which are situated in the extension of the corner buttresses in the remaining parts of the body.

There is a spacious terrace with an openwork stone balustrade in front of the rear elevation and an elongated ground-floor winter garden pavilion with closed windows and a Tudor arch by the east elevation. There is a gate building at the end. This has been built on a rectangular plan and has a passage in the shape of a Tudor arch.

The Radoliński Palace was burnt down in 1917 and 1945 and the subsequent reconstruction left out a lot of essential architectural components.

Despite that, some of the once luxurious interior décor and furnishing has survived. This includes the decorative, elaborate carved or inlaid woodwork of the doors and wainscoting, the neo-renaissance timbered ceiling in one of the ground-floor rooms, and the marble chimneys of which the most valuable is a renaissance work from Italy bearing the Sforza coat of arms.

The palace is surrounded by an extensive landscape park, laid out according to a design by the famous gardener Pierre Joseph Lenné.

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