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The Czeszewo Forest Nature Reserve

Herb The Czeszewo Forest Nature Reserve


The village is in Września County, about 20 km south of Września.

The Czeszewo Forest Nature Reserve is a 222.62 ha forest reserve near the ferry crossing on the left bank of the Warta river in Czeszewo. The reserve was created to protect the elm and ash wetlands and low dry ground forest in the Warta flood plains. The tree stands here are magnificent and number 160-year-old oak that measure 400 cm around the trunk and grow to 34 m. Wetland forests occupy depressions in the terrain. Pedunculate oaks, European ash, European white elms and field elms occupy the upper levels while the lower levels are the domain of common hornbeams, small-leaved limes and field maples. The lush undergrowth consists of hedge roundwort, enchanter’s nightshade, dewberry, giant fescue and lesser celandine. The ground cover is made up of great stitchwort, sweet pea, Goldilocks buttercup, Solomon’s seal, woodruff, hedge roundwort, rough chervil, wood millet and distant sedge. The imposing Norway maple, which grows to 34 m and has a trunk diameter of 80m, is a rarity.

You can get to the reserve by heading north from Żerków and passing through either Gąsiorów or Lgów, or - according to the Jarocin Forestry District - by crossing the Warta by ferry at Czeszewo.


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