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The Regional Museum of Jarocin

Herb The Regional Museum of Jarocin


Jarocin is a county town located ca. 70 km south east of Poznań, by the route heading for Kalisz.

The Museum’s collections are shown in two separate venues. The Town Hall of the late 18th/early 19th century offers a permanent display on “The Past Years of the Jarocin Land”.

The display illustrates the town’s history – from prehistoric time till World War 2. Ethnographic exhibits, featuring early national costumes and regional laces, so-called snutki golińskie. The Museum’s other part is situated at Skarbczyk (Jarocin castle), the remnant of a 16th-century castle. It acts today as a gallery exhibiting works of local artists (on a temporary basis).

Rynek 1
63-200 Jarocin
Tel. +48 62 747 34 49
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