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Wielkopolska Ethnographic Park in Dziekanowice

Herb Wielkopolska Ethnographic Park in Dziekanowice


The village is in Gniezno County, about 16 km west of Gniezno. It is an important point on the Piast Trail.

The Wielkopolska Ethnographic Park in Dziekanowice is a branch of the Museum of the First Piasts in Lednica. The 21 ha area contains some 60 objects brought in from all over Wielkopolska. A Wielkopolska village from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries was recreated on an oval plan. The allotments are separated from the fields by roads and there is an extended square in the middle. The buildings are surrounded by a normal rustic environment of gardens, enclosures and orchards so as to add to their authenticity.

The museum collects objects connected with the lives and occupations of Wielkopolska villagers. The permanent exhibition consists of houses, stalls for animals, barns in yards, the Church of St. Anne and St. Lawrence from Wartkowice near Uniejów, a tavern, windmills, a potter’s cottage and figures – in short, all the essentials of a normal-sized village. Most buildings are made of wood but some have frame construction walls made of a wood and clay or masonry walls made of clay or bog iron.
Individual buildings and enclosures have been furnished with implements, tools and clothing to illustrate how life was, both for families subsisting on the land and artisans.

Part of the village was built as a manor farm. This is situated south of the peasants’ area in the museum. It consists of manorial components – like copies of a late 18th-century manor from Studzieniec (Oborniki County) and two outhouses from Łomnica (Nowy Tomyśl County) – and a farmyard.

A lot of folkloric events are organised in the museum. These include Żywy Skansen (Living Open Air Museum), Topienie Marzanny (Burning Marzanna) and Corpus Christi processions.

Dziekanowice 32
62-261 Lednogóra
Tel. +48 61 427 50 40







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