The Luring Four Wheels … Gostyń and surroundings

The Luring Four Wheels … Gostyń and surroundings

Herb The Luring Four Wheels … Gostyń and surroundings

A real lot of attractions can be promised as you are on your way for the whole day – particularly if you are a lover of ‘the four wheels’. The route will take you to the vicinity of Gostyń. Important: you have to plan the trip beforehand and make sure you can enjoy all the attractions as you go ahead!!!

Route: Gostyń–Lubiń–Bieżyń–Cichowo

The sightseeing route starts from the Sanctuary of Our Lady the Mystical Rose on the Holy Hill. If you decide to go by a handcar, then in Gostyń, you can only visit the Ped Family’s Historic Cars Museum. Before you ever go there, however, you have to make sure (yes you do have to!) that the museum is open, since it has no regular obligatory opening hours. If you however decide to quit the handcar option, we suggest that you pay a visit to Gostyń.

The next point on your agenda is a visit to the Benedictine cloister of Lubiń. Once there, don’t you hesitate to ask the monks about their cloistral culinary delicacies they prepare according to their licensed old recipes.

For those chasing strong impressions, we suggest to take a handcar ride along the Krzywiń Handcar Railway. The handcars usually set off from Bieżyń. However, you ought to agree the departure time plus any and all extra attractions directly with the service owner.

To end with, we recommend you to go to Cichowo to pay a visit to the Soplicowo motion-picture heritage park and, if the weather doesn’t prevent it, to relax for a while by the Cichowo Lake.


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