Canoeing / kayaking routes

Canoeing / kayaking routes

Canoeing/kayaking routes of special interest

1.    The Warta River
A 450 km section of the Warta flows through the area of Wielkopolska, between the towns of Sieradz and Santok. The route is an easy one, the interesting segments including: Uniejów to Koło; down of Konin; the vicinity of Czeszewo, and the one of Międzychód. Rally duration: 20-30 days. Contaminated water at certain sections of the river is an expectable weak point.

2.    The Prosna River
Fit for trips is the 165 km section between Bolesławiec and Warta near Pyzdry. The river is picturesque, particularly at its section reaching Kalisz. Rally duration: 8-10 days. Below Kalisz, the water is unfortunately polluted.

3.    The Wełna River
Accessible for canoeing is a 87 km section from Rogów to Oborniki, the route being difficult to make at times, yet very interesting all the same. In its lower section, down of Rogoźno, the river’s current is rapid. Wintertime rallies are held there as well. Rally duration: 5-7 days; if you go for an extra visit to the lakes near Wągrowiec and Rogoźno, it may extend to 8 to 12 days. The water is clean, apart from short sections down of the urban areas.

4.    The Obra River and its channels
This is a forked extensive system of waterways, providing excellent opportunities for canoeing trips. The most popular route leads from Kościan, down the channels, to Kopanica and then on, by the river and through several lakes, to Skwierzyna. The route is 210 km long. Rally duration: 8-14 days. The Zbąszyń– Skwierzyna section ranks among the most interesting ones. The trip is made tougher when the waters are low.

5.    Lakes in vicinity of Przemęt
These lakes form a scenic 40 km long ‘Lilly-of-the-Valley Route’. Rally duration: 3-5 days. The trip is combinable with an excursion along Obra-River canals. Overgrown with vegetation, the watercourses between the lakes will not make your trip easier, though.

6.    The Noteć-Wschodnia River
The section between Brdów, via the Gopło lake, to Pakość forms an interesting kayaking route, 110 km long. Rally duration: 5-7 days. The further section of Noteć, between Pakość and Santok, is more monotonous and thus less interesting. The waters along the route are regrettably contaminated.

The Noteć-Zachodnia River
o    Between Niedzięgiel lake and Pakoskie lake goes a 54 km long route fit for a demanding, three- to four-day trip, practicable when the water is high.

8.    The Gwda River
A tributary of the Noteć, the Gwda flows through the region’s northern part. The 145 km long section from Szczecinek to Ujście forms a picturesque kayaking route, to be made within 7-10 days. The Gwda has itself several tributaries, incl. Piława, Płytnica, Rurzyca, Dobrzyca, all being quite picturesque, though somewhat burdensome, canoeing routes. A trip along either of these rivers will take you 2-4 days.

9.    The Drawa River
A tributary of the Noteć, the Drawa flows across Wielkopolska at a short section, forming one of the country’s most beautiful water routes. Between Stare-Osieczno and Krzyż, the river flows in a scenic valley amidst the forests of the Drawa-River Primeval Forest. This section, around 30 km long, is coverable within 1-2 days.


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