Did you know that...

The earliest mention of artillery deployment in Poland is to be found in the Chronicle of Jan of Czarnków in 1383. A cannonball is reported as having broken down the doors of Pyzdry Castle during a civil war.

Historical attractions

There is an enchanting corner amidst the bustling streets of central Poznań that creates an aura of calm and induces relaxation. It has survived in the form in which it was designed almost 100 years ago by German architect and town planner, Joseph Stübben.

The massive reinforced concrete structures of the MFR (Międzyrzecz region) constitute the largest system of fortifications in the country. There are some 50 armoured bunkers around Kaława, Kęszyca, Wysoka and Boryszyn, where the most heavily fortified section runs.

Przemysl Hill


In the very centre of the city, a few steps away from the busy and bustling Old Market Square, a quiet place is located, relatively rarely visited by tourists.