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The Holy Trinity Church in Osieczna

Herb The Holy Trinity Church in Osieczna


A town in the Leszno district (powiat), located 12 km north-east of Leszno, by the road to Śrem.

The temple was erected in 1540 at the expense of the Górka family, the then owners of the town. A thorough redevelopment of 1777 reshaped the previously three-nave interior into a single spacious nave, a tower was added and the entire building has been made modestly baroque as to the forms applied.

Destroyed by a fire of 1859, the church was rebuilt soon afterwards, with tower cupolas installed in 1869. The presbytery has preserved its late-gothic lierne vault. The church’s furnishings mostly date to the latter half of 18th century, including seven baroque/classicist architectural altars (ca. 1777), a rococo pulpit and classicist stalls from ca. 1800. An earlier-date object of historic interest is a late-gothic crucifix, made in ca. mid-16th century.

ul. Frankiewicza 2
64-113 Osieczna
Tel. +48 65 535 05 33


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