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The Museum of Industrial History, Opatówek

Herb The Museum of Industrial History, Opatówek

A locality in Kalisz District (powiat), located ca. 10 km east of Kalisz, within the Opatów-Malanów Heights area.

The interior of the former Fiedlers’ cloth factory in Opatówek house today a Museum of Industrial History. The building itself is quite of interest, with its ideally preserved workshop interiors and a timber stricture dating back to the earliest years of industrialisation in the Polish lands.

The former factory spaces offer permanent exhibitions portraying the developments of a variety of branches of industry, from weaving and lace-making through to printing houses, manufacture of ceramics and households equipment and a collection of pianofortes/grand-pianos. The Museum library offers an abundant collection of technology-related literature dating to the turn of 20th century. A collection of Polish contemporary art rounds off the exhibit.

ul.Kościelna 1
62-860 Opatówek
Tel. +48 62 761 86 26

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