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The ‘Children of Września’ Regional Museum

Herb The ‘Children of Września’ Regional Museum


Września is a county town located ca. 45 km east of Poznań.

The ‘Children of Września’ Regional Museum is housed at a former school building – the site of the famous children’s strike action in defence of religious education taught in their vernacular, i.e. Polish language. One of the Museum rooms is furnished with a décor dating to the early years of 20th century; there, you can watch the earliest Polish motion picture. The Museum moreover has on display exhibits broken down into an archaeological, historical and ethnographic section. Special attention is deserved by a collection which stems from excavation works carried out at the mediaeval fortified settlement [Polish, grodzisko] of Grzybowo.

For more, read at the Museum's official website.

ul. Dzieci Wrzesińskich 13
62-300 Września
Tel. +48 61 436 01 92



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