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Gopło Landscape Park

Herb Gopło Landscape Park

Part of the Gopło Landscape Park lies on the boundaries of Inowrocław and Mogilno counties in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship at the eastern edge of what was historically Wielkpolska. The 126.9 sq. km. reserve was set up in 1967 and takes in Lake Gopło and the land adjoining it. It protects the quality of the natural environment and its scenic attributes, as well as those places connected with the creation of the Polish state hundreds of years ago.

Some of Lake Gopło and its littoral areas, with their stands of rare plants and breeding and nesting grounds for 192 species of bird, have been included in a strictly protected 2,313.76 ha zone. That part of the Nadgoplański region that lies within Wielkopolska Voivodeship (Konin County) is still protected as a reserve. This adjoins Kruszwica – which has a heavy concentration of tourist traffic - from the north. The Półwysep Ostrowski (Island Peninsula), which is more than 4 km long and juts into half the length of the lake, is more interesting from a natural perspective.


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