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Miniature Open-Air Museum in Pobiedziska

Herb Miniature Open-Air Museum in Pobiedziska


A city in the poviat of Poznań, about 29 km northeast of Poznań. An important point on the  Piast Trail.

Miniature Open - Air Museum in Pobiedziska

created in 1998 in the year of 950th anniversary of Pobiedziska. The only facility of its kind in Poland, cover in approx. 35 buildings from the Piast Trail and Wielkopolska Region. They are made of material (PCV) in 1:20 scale. There are, among others miniatures of cathedrals in Gniezno and Poznań, the Old Market Square in Poznań, the castle in Biskupin, the collegiate church in Kruszwica. It is interesting to campare the size of cathedrals and wooden churches, e.g. from Wierzenica.

For more, read at the Museum's official website.

The address:

ul. Fabryczna 68 (Letnisko)
62-010 Pobiedziska
tel. +48 579 665 665









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