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There was one woman among the Polish officers murdered at Katyń. She was the daughter of Gen. Dowbór-Muśnicki, who commanded the Greater Poland Uprising.

Significant citizens

A Prague bishop. Missionary and martyr. A saint in the Roman Catholic Church and the first saint in Poland.

An artillery general, poet and writer, he authored a medical treatise and now-lost memories and publications on artillery. Lyrical verse is among his works too.

A mechanical engineer, M.-J. Bekker took part in the U.S. space research programme, his greatest success as part of his cooperation with the NASA being a contribution to construction of a wheeled lunar vehicle.

Actor, stage director, theatrical manager (entrepreneur) and author, considered to be the founding father of the Polish theatre. He wrote several plays, incl. Cud mniemany, czyli Krakowiacy i Górale [‘The Pretended Miracle, or, Krakovians and Highlanders’] and Henryk VI na łowach [‘Henry VI A’Hunting’] and translated some eighty comedies, tragedies, dramas and operatic libretti.

Born in 967, Bolesław was the first King of Poland, son of Mieszko I and Dobrawa. After his father's death in 992, he came to power by expelling his stepbrothers and eventually unifying the country.

Philologist, industrialist, social and political activist. Removed from his post as a teacher, he opened in 1846 a farming tools shop at the Bazar and subsequently, a repair shop which later on grew to become a considerable-sized factory of farm tools and machinery.

An economic and cultural activist. A general. Born in 1788 in Turwia (Turew nowadays) in Kościan county. He started earning his military ranks in Prussian army and began the active military service in Napoleon?s Guard of Honor.

Army general, acted as a commander in as many as three armed insurrections which took place in the area of Wielkopolska. January 1797 saw him head the Polish Legions, then getting formed in Italy.

Wiktor Dega was a physician who created a modern model of orthopaedic rehabilitation. He launched new healing methods, authored some 300 scientific/research publications, founded the Polish Society for Preventing and Combating Disabilities, and delivered lectures at the leading orthopaedic centres of Europe and North America.

A general. Born in 1867 in Garbów near Sandomierz. He attended to a middle school in Radom. In 1883 he joined a cadet corps in Petersburg, later he studied at the Academy of General Staff. In 1914 promoted to a rank of colonel as a chief of the headquaters division.

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