Did you know that...

Mount Adina, one of the peaks of Australia's Blue Mountains, was named by Paweł Strzelecki in honour of his beloved Aleksandryna Turno, who came from Objezierze in Wielkopolska.

Significant citizens

A social and political activist. Born in 1829 in Kórnik. Educated in Berlin and Paris. In 1857 he and his wife, Izabella Czartoryska, moved to Gołuchów (the county of Pleszew) where he collected art (among other things, the most splendid is the amazing collection of antique greek vases).

A political and cultural activist and publisher. Born in 1796 in Poznań. He studied liberal studies in Berlin and Paris and then in Technology School, Prague.

Author and traveller. Since 1927, he travelled to various remote parts of the world – initially, as a naturalist collecting fauna specimens, and then, as a traveller and man-of-letters. He spent the years of World War 2 in England as a war correspondent. In 1973, he founded a Literary Atelier/Museum at his home in Puszczykówek.

Also named Gaspar da India, he was born in Poznań. It was probably due to persecutions of Jews that he once left Poznań, together with his parents. Gaspar da Gama can be deemed to have co-discovered Brazil.

A duchess and the very first Polish writer. The daughter of Mieszko II and Rycheza, born around 1025. She was educated in one of the abbeys of Cologne province in Germany.

This leading poet of the Polish Renaissance era wrote exclusively in Latin. He studied liberated arts in Padua since 1538 and in 1540 was granted a doctorate in philosophy and liberated arts as well as the title of poeta laureatus (laurelled poet).

Deputy Chancellor, a chronicler who gathered historical materials and wrote his Chronicle which encompassed the period of 1370 to 1384 – one of the most interesting monuments of Polish historiography.

A sightseer and an author of tourist guides about Wielkopolska (Greater Poland). Born in 1903 in Glinienko near Poznań. He studied Romance philology at the Uniwersity of Poznań.

The first bishop on the lands of the Piasts dynasty. Propably from the Order of Saint Benedict.

Jewish scientist, theologian and philosopher born in Poznań known also as Maharal. Since 1584 he served as a rabbi in his home town. After several years, he was appointed the chief rabbi of the Greater Poland.