Did you know that...

Mount Adina, one of the peaks of Australia's Blue Mountains, was named by Paweł Strzelecki in honour of his beloved Aleksandryna Turno, who came from Objezierze in Wielkopolska.

Significant citizens

A patriot and social activist. Born in 1801 in Kórnik. She was educated in Konarzewo near Poznań and in Paris. She participated in the November Uprising by organizing help and care for wounded soldiers, creating lazarettos and working in hospitals.

Duke of Wielkopolska and King of Poland. Born 1257in Poznań, after his father Przemysł (Premislas) I died. He took power of the whole of Wielkopolska, displaying a proactive policy-making style. He eventually grew to become the most powerful of the Piast-line dukes and was enthroned in 1295 in Gniezno as King of Poland.

These research mathematicians and cryptologists successfully broke, in late 1932/early 1933, the cipher of Enigma - the German message coding machine.

An architect; acted as Architect-in-Chief with the General National Exhibition. Among the buildings designed by Sławski and erected in Poznań, notable are, among others: the new wing of Bazar hotel; a new building of the Poznań Society for the Advancement of the Arts and Sciences (PTPN); St. Anthony’s church at Starołęka.

Traveller, explorer of Australia and Tasmania. He traversed enormous areas of the Americas. Through the islands of Oceania and New Zealand, he eventually reached Australia. He climbed up the continent’s highest peak, naming it Mount Kościuszko.

Conductor and composer, founder of the Poznańskie Słowiki ['The Poznań Nightingales'] Boys' and Men's Choir, he is recognised as an international 'ambassador' of church choral music.

Franciscan and painter. He was born in 1668 in Daszyce in the Czech Republic. In 1686, he joined the Franciscan Order in Poznań, of which his brother Anthony had already been a member.

A lawyer and composer. Born in 1896 in Lviv where he also started a musical studies and then continued them in Cracow, at the same time studying law (he eventually got a doctorate at Jagiellonian University).

A matematician, astronomer, philosopher, pedagogue, reformer of education. Born in 1756 in Żnin. He studied a philosophy at Cracow Academy and a math in Göttingen and Paris.

A chemist, biologist, doctor, pedagogue, philosopher and publicist. Born in 1768 in Żnin. Studiował a medicine, chemistry and philosophy at Cracow Academy, in Padua and Edinburgh.