Did you know that...

There was one woman among the Polish officers murdered at Katyń. She was the daughter of Gen. Dowbór-Muśnicki, who commanded the Greater Poland Uprising.

Significant citizens

A general. Born in 1974 in Mieszków near Jarocin. After finishing a middle school in Ostrów Wielkopolski in 1897, he got a degree of an ironworker engineer at the Mining Academy in Freiberg (now University of Mining and Technology).

A doctor and musician mosty connected with the film music and jazz. Born in 1931 in Poznań. When he was 8 he started to study in a music conservatory in the piano class.

Roman-Catholic priest, theologian, and polemicist. He was commissioned to draw up a postil [Polish title, Postylla] (a collection of sermons explaining the biblical text), which initiated his work on a complete Polish translation of the Bible.

Social activist. He arrived in Kórnik in 1881 to take hold of an estate bequeathed to him on a testamentary basis by his uncle Jan Działyński. In 1924, Zamoyski donated his entire property, together with the library, to the Polish nation, and formed a ‘Zakłady Kórnickie’ foundation.

He was a bookseller and publisher. His family named Zupanos came to Greater Poland from Macedonia in XVIII-th century. His store was one of the most famous stores in the city.