Did you know that...

Fr. Jakub Wujek, who produced the first Polish translation of the bible, came from Wągrowiec in Wielkopolska. He was also the first rector of the Poznań Jesuit College.

Significant citizens

An artillery general, poet and writer, he authored a medical treatise and now-lost memories and publications on artillery. Lyrical verse is among his works too.

Army general, acted as a commander in as many as three armed insurrections which took place in the area of Wielkopolska. January 1797 saw him head the Polish Legions, then getting formed in Italy.

King of Poland, Duke of Lorraine and Barrois. Voivode of Poznań since 1699. Organised the Wielkopolska Confederation against Augustus II. Elected King of Poland in 1704.

Franciscan and painter. He was born in 1668 in Daszyce in the Czech Republic. In 1686, he joined the Franciscan Order in Poznań, of which his brother Anthony had already been a member.

A matematician, astronomer, philosopher, pedagogue, reformer of education. Born in 1756 in Żnin. He studied a philosophy at Cracow Academy and a math in Göttingen and Paris.