Did you know that...

Mount Adina, one of the peaks of Australia's Blue Mountains, was named by Paweł Strzelecki in honour of his beloved Aleksandryna Turno, who came from Objezierze in Wielkopolska.

Significant citizens

Archaeologist, founder of so-called Poznań Prehistoric School. He has bequeathed an impressive scientific legacy, with a focus on the Bronze and Iron Ages as well as on the outset of Slavdom. He ran many excavation work projects, including at Biskupin, in Gniezno and Poznań.

Political activist, participant of the Wielkopolskie Uprising of 1918/1919. Once back from the battlefield, he cultivated a farmland. Mikołajczyk started his political activity in 1922, becoming member of the Polish Peasants’ Party ‘Piast’. Appointed Prime Minister of the Polish-Government-in-Exile during WW2.

An architect; acted as Architect-in-Chief with the General National Exhibition. Among the buildings designed by Sławski and erected in Poznań, notable are, among others: the new wing of Bazar hotel; a new building of the Poznań Society for the Advancement of the Arts and Sciences (PTPN); St. Anthony’s church at Starołęka.