Did you know that...

Krzysztof Arciszewski, who wrote some fascinating memoirs, was born in Rogalinek. He learned and described the customs of the Tapuja tribe, whose funeral ceremonies involved eating their deceased relatives, while serving in the Spanish army. Arciszewski's notes are the only extant records of the existence of this tribe.

Significant citizens

A mechanical engineer, M.-J. Bekker took part in the U.S. space research programme, his greatest success as part of his cooperation with the NASA being a contribution to construction of a wheeled lunar vehicle.

Wiktor Dega was a physician who created a modern model of orthopaedic rehabilitation. He launched new healing methods, authored some 300 scientific/research publications, founded the Polish Society for Preventing and Combating Disabilities, and delivered lectures at the leading orthopaedic centres of Europe and North America.

Author and traveller. Since 1927, he travelled to various remote parts of the world – initially, as a naturalist collecting fauna specimens, and then, as a traveller and man-of-letters. He spent the years of World War 2 in England as a war correspondent. In 1973, he founded a Literary Atelier/Museum at his home in Puszczykówek.

A sightseer and an author of tourist guides about Wielkopolska (Greater Poland). Born in 1903 in Glinienko near Poznań. He studied Romance philology at the Uniwersity of Poznań.

Conductor and composer, founder of the Poznańskie Słowiki ['The Poznań Nightingales'] Boys' and Men's Choir, he is recognised as an international 'ambassador' of church choral music.

A lawyer and composer. Born in 1896 in Lviv where he also started a musical studies and then continued them in Cracow, at the same time studying law (he eventually got a doctorate at Jagiellonian University).

A doctor and musician mosty connected with the film music and jazz. Born in 1931 in Poznań. When he was 8 he started to study in a music conservatory in the piano class.