Jordan (?-984?)

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JORDAN (?-984?)

The first bishop on the lands of the Piasts dynasty. Probably from the Order of Saint Benedict. He came to Poland with Dobrawa in 965 to join her wedding ceremony with the prince of the Polens, Mieszko the First, and later to witness accepting the baptism in 966.

In 968 he took the first missionary bishopric established in Poland. Many theories consider it to be directly subordinate to pope John XIII.

Due to limited sources of informations from that particular period of time, many questions remain still open. But if something is clear, then it is definitely his significant role in the process of Poland’s Christianization. He was the one who has brought to the country the sword which was used to cut an ear of Malchus during the arresting of Jesus Christ by Saint Peter. Now the sword resides in Poznań Archidiocesan Museum. 


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