Juda Loew ben Becalel (Bezalel) (1525-1609)

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Jewish scientist, theologian and philosopher born in Poznań known also as Maharal. Since 1584 he served as a rabbi in his home town. After several years, he was appointed the chief rabbi of the Greater Poland. Since 1598, he was the chief rabbi of Prague, held till the end of his life. He based his philosophy on a system which assumed the truths of the Jewish religion to be unquestionable. He believed that the Jewish nation should have ended the Diaspora and return in numbers to Palestine, which he considered essential for the redemption of mankind.  He changed his place of residence for several times during his lifetime traveling from Bohemia to Poland.

The memory of this Greater Poland citizen remained vivid in legends about Golem shaped from clay and livened up by the insertion of a sheet of paper with the tetragram “JHWH” under his tongue. The primary task of the artificial being was to help and protect Praguish Jews. However, Golem possessed with madness got out of control and hence was destroyed. His remains are said to be hidden within the Old New Synagogue in Prague. 

Juda Loew ben Becalel (Bezalel) lies in the nearby Jewish cemetery, where legions of tourists visit the resting place of the Poznań-born scientist.

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