Lubrański, Jan (1456–1520)

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Bishop of Poznań, patron, diplomat. He was born 1456 in Kujawy land. Studied at the Krakow University and subsequently, in Bologna and Rome where he got his doctor’s degree. Back at home, he joined, consecutively, the Krakow (1487), Poznań (1489) and Włocławek (1490) chapter houses.

He acted as diplomat and secretary to the kings Casimir IV Jagiellon (Kazimierz Jagiellończyk) and John I Albert (Jan Olbracht). In 1497, he was granted bishopric of Płock and then, a year later, of Poznań. In 1502/1503, he stayed in Italy; once back home, he was made a confidant to King Sigismund I the Old (Zygmunt Stary) (1506–1548) in Wielkopolska.

It was there that Lubrański developed a wide-ranging cultural and organisational activity; his Poznań court was a hub of Renaissance life. In 1518/1519, he founded at Poznań’s Ostrów Tumski (‘Cathedral Isle’) a secondary school, later on referred to as the Lubrański Academy, pursuing tertiary-education ambitions. Its founder’s sudden death rendered continuation of this labour unfeasible. Lubrański died in 1520 in Buk, Poznań District, and was buried at the Poznań Cathedral.

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