Sławski, Roger (1871–1963)

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Architect, born 1871 in Poznań. Studied architecture at the Charlottenburg University of Technology; received his construction traineeship in Marburg and Karlsruhe. Employed 1900–1904 with the Ministry of Public Works in Berlin. Having returned to his native city in 1904, he started a professional practice there.

He managed the Construction Department at the Province Office of Poznań and acted as Architect-in-Chief with the General National Exhibition in 1929.

Among the buildings designed by Sławski and erected in Poznań, notable are, inter alia: the new wing of Bazar hotel, at Wolności Sq. side (1898); a new building of the Poznań Society for the Advancement of the Arts and Sciences (PTPN) (1907/1908); the hall-of-residence at Niepodległości Ave. (1925/1926); St. Anthony’s church at Starołęka (1950–1958).

Other remarkable buildings designed by Sławski in Wielkopolska area include a number of manors and palaces (incl. in Stary-Sielc, Dłoń, Wolsztyn, Krerowo, Swadzim; the Mutual Credit Society Bank building in Kalisz; the parish church in Ostrów-Wielkopolski; a vicarage in Bnin). Roger Sławski died 1963 in Poznań and was buried at the Junikowo cemetery.

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