Śniadecki Jędrzej (1768-1838)

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A chemist, biologist, doctor, pedagogue, philosopher and publicist. Born in 1768 in Żnin. Studiował a medicine, chemistry and philosophy at Cracow Academy, in Padua and Edinburgh. From 1792-1822 he was a head master of departement of chemistry, then from 1823 he leaded the departement of medicine, both occupations  in Vilnius. He was a co-founder of local Medical Scientific Society. Created basic  language  of chemistry and wrote a first textbook in that area, titled „The beginnings of chemistry”.  He is also thought as one of the creators of the modern biology (introduced the definition of metabolism).

He is the author of „Teoria jestestw organicznych” and that book gave the basics for a human physiology in Poland. He was also an apostle of hygiene and dietetics as well as a progenitor of physical eaducation.  Died in 1838 in Vilnius, buried in Horodniki,  near Oszmiany, now northern Bialorus.

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