Trzciński Komeda Krzysztof (1931-1969)

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A doctor and musician mosty connected with the film music and jazz. Born in 1931 in Poznań. When he was 8 he started to study in a music conservatory in the piano class. After the Second World War he passed a matriculation exam in Ostrów Wielkopolski. Then, back in Poznań, he studied medicine. He became a laryngologist but music was his true passion.

The history of music recognises him as a progenitor of the modern jazz in Poland.  His innovatory approach thanks to showing new trends and  creating own characteristic musical style gave the opportunity for the progress of polish jazz. His achievement was widely appreciated by the international audience and as a musician he found his followers as well.

He was also a compoer of the film music. Created soundtracks for films such as  Knife in water or Rosemary’s baby. 

The nick-name Komeda was chosen  so he could hide his musical interests  from his colleges in a clinic he worked for because at that time it was considered a  symptom of a western  decadence.  He was married to Zofia Trzcińska, who was promoting  jazz in the country. Died 1969 in Warsaw. His premature death was caused by a brain haematoma  (because of the fall in the States earlier).

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