Dega, Wiktor (1896–1995)

Dega, Wiktor (1896–1995)

Herb Dega, Wiktor (1896–1995)

Physician, author of a modern model of orthopaedic rehabilitation. Born 1896 in Poznań. Having graduated from the local ‘St. Mary Magdalene’ Grammar School, he did his military service with the Prussian army; subsequently, he took part in the Wielkopolska Uprising. Studied medicine in Warsaw and Poznań; it was in Poznań too that he got his doctor’s degree in 1924.

Mr. Dega partook in the September 1939 Campaign; during the Nazi occupation, he worked in Warsaw. The war over, he managed the Chair and Clinic of the Poznań University’s Institute of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation (at 28-Czerwca-1956 St.), restructured since 1950 into a Medical Academy, with Professor Dega acting as its President in 1959–1962. Prof. Dega has some 300 publications to his credit; he has been awarded several prizes, awards, honours and distinctions both at home and abroad, including six honorary doctorates.

He founded, in 1960, the Polish Society for Preventing and Combating Disabilities; was member of a number of scientific and research societies or associations and lectured at the leading orthopaedic centres of Europe and North America. Professor Dega died in 1995 in Poznań and was buried at the Junikowski Cemetery’s Wielkopolska Insurgents Quarter.

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